StarDrop Installers


The web page provides links to download and install StarDrop. Please select the appropriate installer form the following products.

StarDrop Desktop Client

StarDrop and the optional ADME QSAR, Nova, BIOSTER, Inspyra, SeeSAR, Surflex eSim3D and MPO Explorer modules will all run on a desktop or laptop computer on both Windows and macOS. Simply download and run the appropriate installer for your computer.

StarDrop Servers

A StarDrop server is only required to support the optional P450 and Auto-Modeller modules or if you have opted for a floating license. A Derek Nexus web service is only required to support the optional Derek Nexus module. An optional model server can also be installed to run the ADME QSAR models, models built with the Auto-Modeller or custom models. The StarDrop servers run on a Linux PC (64-bit RedHat or CentOS, version 7.4 or newer).

Licensing and Documentation

When the installation is complete, run StarDrop and it will start in ‘viewer’ mode. To fully enable StarDrop, please select Manage Licenses from the Help menu and click the Request License Key button to send the Machine Identifier displayed (an 8 character string) to StarDrop Support. We will return a license key to enable StarDrop as soon as possible with instructions on how to install it and start using StarDrop.

You can verify the integrity of the StarDrop installer files by checking the MD5 or SHA1 hashes.


Try StarDrop

With its comprehensive suite of integrated software, StarDrop™ delivers best-in-class in silico technologies within a highly visual and user-friendly interface. StarDrop™ enables a seamless flow from the latest data through predictive modelling to decision-making regarding the next round of synthesis and research, improving the speed, efficiency, and productivity of the discovery process.