StarDrop’s BIOSTER module

With BIOSTER, you can rigorously explore the chemistry around hits, with a library of nearly 30,000 precedented transformations.



Variations on a theme

Nova can generate new ideas to exponentially broaden your search by taking a ‘parent’ molecule and creating new generations of related compounds. Using a built-in collection of over 200 typical ‘medicinal chemistry transformations’, Nova explores generations of potential ‘children’.

This library may be extended with your own transformations or the optional BIOSTER database, providing almost 30,000 structure modifications and replacement techniques that have been used in analogue design.

A comprehensive collection of chemically and synthetically validated transformations

BIOSTER brings the collective experience of the chemistry community to help you to discover new active analogues of your compounds. The BIOSTER module contains a unique compilation of nearly 30,000 transformations encompassing a broad range of optimisation strategies, including bioisosteric replacements, linker replacements, homologization, introduction of conformational constraints and reversible derivatizations (e.g.prodrugs).

These are manually curated from the literature by Dr István Ujváry and are provided complete with references to the original publications in which they are described, making it easy to follow-up the underlying chemistry and biological data.

Transform your chemistry

BIOSTER is developed and updated in collaboration with iKem Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi BT and is available as an optional extension to StarDrop’s Nova module. This combination enables you to quickly and easily search the comprehensive BIOSTER database to identify transformations that are relevant to your compounds. These can be automatically applied to generate novel structures with a high likelihood of biological activity and synthetic accessibility, prioritised against the property profile you require for your project.

Ready to explore the chemistry around your hits?

BIOSTER is available as optional module for StarDrop.  To try StarDrop please complete the form and a member of the team will get in touch to understand your needs.