The discovery process was so time consuming and expensive, with such high failure rates. We wanted to change that and put valuable tools in the hands of chemists to increase the success and efficiency of drug discovery.

Matt, CEO

At this point, they had been working on the StarDrop discovery platform for many years, leading the StarDrop software team from its conception as an ADME prediction tool while at Camitro, which following merger and acquisition became BioFocus DPI. Matt and Ed saw StarDrop’s potential to expand and meet more needs of the discovery community, so they led a management buyout to form Optibrium.

Since then, Optibrium has kept this same focus on tackling the challenges of small molecule discovery, constantly innovating, researching and collaborating to expand its offering. In addition to shaping StarDrop into a comprehensive in silico discovery platform, adding generative chemistry, 3D design capabilities and more, they launched Cerella in 2021, an AI platform that provides transformative insights into complex discovery data.

Innovation is what we love to do. We’re all scientists here, so finding the solution to a complex drug discovery challenge is a real motivator.


Optibrium’s focused approach to research and development is complemented by transparency; we share our findings in peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations and webinars so that our customers can be confident in the software they’re using. This transparency carries across from our R&D into all our activities, including our sales and support ethics – we don’t oversell, overpromise, or underdeliver. Honesty and integrity are the keys to long-term relationships with many of our customers and collaborators.

With a growing global customer base and supportive investors at Kester Capital, Optibrium has expanded, with our US subsidiary, Optibrium Inc., opening in 2022.

We wanted to be close to our customers, to enable easy, high-quality in-person support, so set up in Cambridge, MA.

Tamsin, Optibrium Inc. President and Head of Application Science

In 2023, long-time collaborators Ajay Jain and Ann Cleves officially joined the Optibrium team as we welcomed BioPharmics into the fold, expanding our expertise in 3D structure-based and ligand-based molecular design.

Optibrium continues to develop innovative software and AI solutions. 2024 saw the launch of Semeta, a metabolism prediction platform, and StarDrop’s Idea Tracker, a new collaborative design capability for StarDrop. As we move forward into the future, we keep that founding motivation in mind: transforming discovery.

The founders

Matt Segall, PhD

CEO and Company Director


The image shows Optibrium CEO Matthew Segall

Edmund Champness, PhD

CSO and Company Director


Edmund Champness