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Hit-to-lead and lead-optimisation guided by multi-parameter scoring – An introduction to StarDrop

Whether you’re completely new to StarDrop or keen to perfect your techniques, join us for this hands-on training session with our Applications Science Team and work through practical examples in the application of StarDrop. During this core training session, we will explore many of the ways StarDrop supports your hit-to-lead and lead-optimisation workflows.

This session will include:

  • StarDrop’s interactive visualisation capabilities – with a demonstration of how it can support you in exploring your chemistry and structure-activity relationships (SAR).
  • The use of property predictions and multi-parameter optimisation to target high-quality compounds during hit-to-lead.
  • Understanding how multi-parameter optimisation and StarDrop’s scoring profiles help you identify the most promising chemical series.
  • Learning SAR analysis techniques to quickly identify key relationships to drive lead optimisation.
  • Ending with a forward-looking perspective on lead optimisation and future compound design.

Please come along with any questions specific to your area of interest. Our team will be happy to discuss them during this session.

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This training is open to all, whether current customers or not. However to receive the data files and follow along with what’s going on yourself, you must already have the relevant software and modules.
Optibrium reserves the right to cancel any registrations without notice.

Meet the team

Tamsin Mansley, PhD

President, Optibrium Inc. and Global Head of Application Science
Location: USA


Tamsin Mansley, PhD

Daniel Barr

Senior Application Scientist
Location: USA


Daniel Barr, Senior Application Scientist

Alessia Centi

Application Support Science Team Lead
Location: UK


Alessia Centi, Application Support Science Team Leader

Barry Wong

Application Support Scientist
Location: UK


Barry Wong, Application Support Scientist