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View our recent webinar;

Transformative Insights from your Data in CDD Vault with Cerella’s Unique AI

In this webinar, learn about Cerella’s unique AI methods, see examples of its successful application throughout the drug discovery process and watch a demonstration of how CDD Vault and Cerella connect to seamlessly integrate with your workflows.

21 June 2022

View our recent webinar;

Perfecting the use of imperfect QSAR models

In this webinar, we examine the effective use of QSAR modelling in drug discovery and discuss a variety of pain points for medicinal chemists in knowing when a model can be trusted and how to avoid common pitfalls. We discuss key learning points for the successful use of QSAR models and how they can be used to make better decisions in a multi-parameter optimisation workflow to select and design high-quality compounds for your projects.

8 June 2022

Our latest


eSim 3D Webinar

Optibrium receives further investment from Kester Capital

Tuesday 21 June 2022

Optibrium receives further investment from Kester Capital. The investment will be used to further develop and commercialise Optibrium’s computer-aided drug discovery technologies, with future appointments to the senior leadership team and continued expansion across Europe and the United States.

Previous Webinars and Events

Webinar; 21 June 2022

Transformative Insights from your Data in CDD Vault with Cerella’s Unique AI

Presented by Barry Bunin and Matt Segall

Webinar; 8 June 2022

Perfecting the use of imperfect QSAR models

Presented by Peter Hunt and Matt Segall

Webinar; 18 May 2022

AI in early Drug Discovery

Presented by Jeff Blaney, Genentech, Darren Green, GlaxoSmithKline, Julian Levell, New Equilibrium Biosciences, Matthew Segall, Optibrium

Webinar; 10 May 2022

AI solutions from hit to candidate

Presented by Samar Mahmoud and Matt Segall

Webinar; 2 March 2022

Launch of StarDrop 7.2 – introducing Inspyra

Presented by Matt Segall and Peter Hunt

Webinar; 16 October 2021

Harnessing Generative Chemistry – How Scientists Can Guide Compound Idea Generation

Presented by Ed Champness, Peter Hunt and Joe McDonald.

Webinar; 19 October 2021

Imputation of Sensory Properties Using Deep Learning

Presented by Tamsin Mansley, Samar Mahmoud and Dmitriy Chekmarev.

Webinar; 14 September 2021

3D Ligand-Based Drug Design; Understand binding conformations to identify and optimise novel active compounds

Presented by Peter Hunt, Ajay Jain and Matt Segall.

Webinar; 15 June 2021

Data visualisation: Saying it all in a bite-sized chunk

Presented by Ed Champness and John Norman.

Webinar; 2 June 2021

Optimizing Kinase Profiling Programs with Deep Learning

Presented by Matt Segall, Samar Mahmoud and Fabio Broccatelli

Webinar; 11 May 2021

eSim-3D: Electrostatic-Field and Surface-Shape Similarity for Ligand-Based Drug Design

Presented by Ajay N. Jain and Matt Segall

Webinar; 29 April 2021

In Silico Transporter Modeling and its Role in Computational Toxicology

Presented by Gerhard Ecker, Bailey Montefiore and Matt Segall

Webinar; 30 March 2021

A Global Deep Learning Model for Global Health Drug Discovery

Presented by Samar Mahmoud and Matt Segall

Webinar; 09 March 2021

Cerella: Reduce the time and cost of your discovery cycles with deep learning

Presented by Matt Segall

Webinar; 23 February 2021

Reaction-based Library Enumeration

Presented by Matt Segall, Peter Hunt and Imants Zudans

Webinar; 2 February 2021

From Similarity to SAR – Interactive navigation of similarity relationships to guide optimisation

Presented by Matt Segall and Peter Hunt

Webinar; 11 November

Industry collaboration to predict PK parameters and curves

Presented by Matt Segall, Nigel Greene and Tom Whitehead

Webinar; 17 November

Informatics for Effective Drug Discovery

Virtual symposium & webinar
Presented by;
Optibrium and Collaborative Drug Discovery

Webinar; 27 October

Deploying Cerella™ for Active Learning using Deep Learning Imputation

Presented by Matt Segall, Ben Irwin and Gareth Conduit

Webinar; 8 September

Multi-parameter Optimisation in Practice:
How can I quickly find high-quality compounds for my project?

Presented by Ed Champness and Tim Hohm

Webinar; 9 June

AI-guided Design of Antimalarials with In Vitro Validation

Presented by Ben Irwin, Matt Segall and Professor Matthew Todd

Webinar; 3 June

SCI-RSC Workshop on Computational Tools for Drug Discovery
Guided Multi-Parameter Optimisation of 2D and 3D SAR

Hosted by SCI-RSC
Event Speaker: Matthew Segall

Webinar; 2 June

Applications of Alchemite™ to Drug Discovery

Hosted by our colleagues at Intellegens
Event Speakers: Tom Whitehead and Matthew Segall

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