Optibrium and Intellegens have collaborated to provide our clients with access to advanced, proprietary deep learning methods that will extend and improve predictive models to guide the more efficient design and selection of high quality drug candidates.

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Optibrium and BioSolveIT have a collaboration to share proprietary technologies. This includes integration of BioSolveIT’s SeeSAR capabilities to work with 3D structural information in StarDrop.

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Lhasa Limited

Optibrium and Lhasa Limited have formed a partnership to integrate the Derek Nexus™ platform for knowledge-based prediction of compound toxicity as an optional plug-in module for StarDrop.

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Optibrium and MolPort have collaborated to provide StarDrop users with fully integrated access to MolPort’s drug discovery database of 7.6 million commercially available screening compounds and chemical building blocks.

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NextMove Software

Optibrium and NextMove Software collaborate on the integration of NextMove Matsy technology to generate and search databases of matched molecular series with StarDrop’s Nova module.

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Optibrium and iKem Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi BT have partnered to collaborate on the integration of iKem’s unique BIOSTER™ database of precedented transformations with StarDrop’s Nova module.

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Optibrium and Enamine have collaborated to provide StarDrop users with free access to EnamineStore, a database of over 3.3 million screening compounds and a library of 7.8 million building blocks.

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The collaboration with deepmatter® provides StarDrop users with easy access to ICSYNTH light, an entry-level version of the computer-aided synthesis design software by deepmatter, to generate synthesis pathways for a target molecule.

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Optibrium and Certara have a collaboration to provide their mutual customers with an integrated solution linking Optibrium’s StarDrop with Certara’s D360™ platform.

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OpenEye Scientific

OpenEye provide access to their fast and flexible OEChem programming library for chemistry and cheminformatics. This includes the display of chemical structures, enabling StarDrop to provide interactive access to chemical information.

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Optibrium and Mcule have collaborated to provide their mutual customers with an integrated solution. With the Mcule plug-in, StarDrop users can perform exact, substructure and similarity searches in the Mcule database and retrieve pricing and availability information.

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