The StarDrop Auto-Modeller module

With Auto-Modeller, both novice and expert users alike can access the features needed to produce validated, predictive models.

Predictive models

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Automatically generate predictive models

Output from the Auto-Modeller​ includes Glowing Molecule™ results that help to visualise the structure-activity relationships captured from your chemistry and data.

Use multiple advanced modelling techniques

Including Gaussian Processes, Random Forests, Radial Basis Functions, PLS and Decision Trees

Train, test and validate

Automatically split your data into sub-sets to rigorously choose and validate the best model

Use a suite of built-in descriptors

MWt, logP, polar surface area and many other 2D structural descriptors are included with the Auto-Modeller

Add your own expertise

Expert users can manually tune modelling methods, define your own data set splits and descriptors and access detailed analyses of the results.

More Auto-Modeller resources

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The Auto-Modeller is available as an optional module for StarDrop. To trial StarDrop please complete the form and a member of the team will get in touch to understand your needs and get you set-up with a licence that works best for you.