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Breaking Free from Chemical Spreadsheets

This article explores the benefits of a more intuitive and flexible approach to viewing and interacting with drug discovery data, the basis of StarDrop’s Card View®. We illustrate how this can help to quickly identify high quality compounds and strategies for further compound optimisation.

breaking free from chemical spreadsheets


To discover a good drug candidate, complex data with complex relationships must be analysed, and multiple properties optimised. However, when looking at data, scientists often use spreadsheets. These don’t always make it easy to spot trends and patterns within the data, or to compare different related compounds.

In this article, the team reviews the methods used to extract information from and visualise chemistry data. They suggest a new intuitive framework which helps scientists to view and interact with data in a user-friendly way, making it simple to identify structure-activity relationships for compound optimisation.

Citation details

M. D. Segall, E. J. Champness, C. Leeding, J. Chisholm, P. Hunt, A. Elliott, H. Garcia-Matrinez, N. W. Foster, S. Dowling, Drug Discovery Today, 2015, 20(9) pp. 1093-1103
DOI: 10.1016/j.drudis.2015.03.008

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Visit the journal webpage to view the final published version of this article. Alternatively, for more information, watch our webinar, ‘Introducing StarDrop’s Card View: Break free from spreadsheets‘. 


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