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The journey from Drug Discovery to Drug Design: How far have we travelled?

Tuesday, 13 October 2009 13:17
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Matt Segall

In this presentation, Matt Segall talks about the differences between "design" and "discovery" and considers two different analogies for the drug design process - the development of the Boeing 777 and card counting in blackjack. Using the latter, Matt discusses how we can appropriately use uncertain information to guide decisions amd how we can interpret in silico data to guide compound design. Finally, Matt gives an illustrative example of putting this theory into practise in a case study during which the aim was to focus resources in a hit-to-lead/lead optimisation study.

This presentation was given at the SMI In Silico ADMET conference in 2007.

These are the slides Matt presented:

A copy of Matt's slides are available as a PDF file.

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