Want to discover next generation drug discovery software? Watch Optibrium’s Chief Scientific Officer Ed Champness to explore the exciting new features in the latest release of StarDrop, built to elevate your drug discovery projects.

These include:

  • the all-new Metabolism module – access precision modelling to determine Phase I and II metabolic routes, sites, products and lability, and guide compound design to avoid metabolic liabilities
  • high performance virtual screening – new Surflex eSim3D capabilities enable you to run virtual screens on millions of compounds on your desktop, fast, getting excellent results in minutes
  • additional workflow improvements – including improved 2D structural alignment and easier editing of structures.

Meet the speakers

Champness, PhD

CSO, Optibrium


Edmund Champness

Rae Lawrence

Product Manager, Optibrium


Rae Lawrence

Mario Öeren

Principal Scientist, Optibrium


Dr Mario Öeren, Principal Scientist, Optibrium

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