In this webinar we discussed how you can ensure that you don’t miss valuable opportunities due to the criteria used to select compounds in your project. We presented a method for analysing the sensitivity of the prioritisation of compounds to a multi-parameter profile of property criteria, showed how the results can be easily interpreted and illustrated how this analysis can highlight new avenues for exploration.


We have also published a paper with full details of this method and example.

Meet the speaker

Matthew Segall PhD
CEO and company director

Matt has a Master of Science in computation from the University of Oxford and a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Cambridge. As Associate Director at Camitro (UK), ArQule Inc. and then Inpharmatica, he led a team developing predictive ADME models and state-of-the-art intuitive decision-support and visualization tools for drug discovery. In January 2006, he became responsible for management of Inpharmatica’s ADME business, including experimental ADME services and the StarDrop software platform. Following acquisition of Inpharmatica, Matt became Senior Director responsible for BioFocus DPI’s ADMET division and in 2009 led a management buyout of the StarDrop business to found Optibrium.

The image shows Optibrium CEO Matthew Segall