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Small Molecule Drug Discovery & Data Visualisation

A complete platform for small molecule design,
optimisation and data analysis

Deliver optimally balanced, successful compounds, fast

With its comprehensive suite of integrated software, StarDrop™ delivers best-in-class in silico technologies within a highly visual and user-friendly interface. StarDrop enables a seamless flow from the latest data through predictive modelling to decision-making regarding the next round of synthesis and research, improving the speed, efficiency, and productivity of the discovery process.

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Quickly Identify

Effective Compounds

Successful compounds require a balance of many different properties. StarDrop™ guides you through this multi-parameter optimisation challenge to target compounds with the best chance of success, saving you time and resources by enabling you to synthesise and test fewer compounds.

Make Decisions with Confidence

Take into account the inherent uncertainty in discovery data to avoid missing valuable opportunities.

Optimise Your Compounds

Highlight key structure-activity relationships that guide the design of improved efficacy.

Flexible Integration

Connect seamlessly with your models, informatics methods and database, providing user-friendly access to these resources, to make project management quicker and simpler.

Cerella™ Integration

Leverage the unique capabilities of Cerella AI discovery data platform directly from within StarDrop.

Comprehensive Suite of

Integrated Software


Core Features

Multi-parameter Optimisation

Rigorously assess your compounds’ potential for success against your project objectives

Interactive Design with the Glowing Molecule™

Highlight the regions of your compounds which have the greatest influence on predicted properties to guide the design of high-quality compounds.

SAR Analysis

Instantly understand and explore the structure-activity relationships in your chemical series.

Data Visualisation with Card View®

View multiple, interactively linked charts simultaneously and work more flexibly with Card View to explore the relationships between properties and compound structures and guide further optimisation.

With a Range of

Plug-in Modules

StarDrop’s core features can be extended with a comprehensive range of optional plug-in modules; predictive models for ADME properties, P450 metabolism and toxicity; automatic QSAR model building; 3D SAR analysis; and de novo design to stimulate the search for new optimisation strategies.

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