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Publications & Presentations

Imputation of sensory properties using deep learning – ACS Spring 22

Presented by Dmitriy Chekmarev (IFF) and Samar Mahmoud (Optibrium), on 20 March 2022 at the ACS National Meeting and Exposition, ... Read More

Imputation of Sensory Properties Using Deep Learning

Abstract Predicting the sensory properties of compounds is challenging due to the subjective nature of the experimental measurements. ... Read More


Export to Excel

The Export to Excel script provides a quick and easy way to transfer the contents of a data set straight into Microsoft® Excel®. The ... Read More


This AtlasCBS script, created by Dr Cele Abad-Zapatero of the University of Illinois at Chicago and Alvaro Cortes from the University ... Read More


Matched Pairs Neighbourhood Analysis

This short video gives an introduction to the Matched Pairs Neighbourhood tool in StarDrop's Card View. If you are interested in doing ... Read More

Ligand-based drug design using Surflex eSim 3D

This worked example uses StarDrop’s Surflex eSim3D module to assess a small library of compounds for their similarity to known Heat ... Read More


Seamless integration between StarDrop and CDD Vault

This short video gives an outline of how to connect directly to CDD Vault, run saved searches against projects of your choice and ... Read More

AI Solutions from Hit to Candidate: webinar

In this webinar, we explore the highlights of collaborative project results that demonstrate how every phase of the drug discovery ... Read More

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