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Go from drug concept to candidate faster with Cerella™, our proven AI-powered drug discovery platform. Cerella creates new value from your drug discovery data, revealing hidden insights into the best compounds and most valuable experiments for your project.

It makes confident predictions, accurately filling in missing values, especially for expensive downstream experiments that can’t be predicted by other methods. This enables you to do more, even with sparse, limited data sets.

Drug discovery data is complex.


With endless possible chemical space to explore and endpoints to measure, how do you prioritise your resources?

Add to this the inevitability of errors and uncertainty, and you get your next challenge – how can you trust the data which you do have?

You know how important it is to get your compounds market-ready, fast. A streamlined workflow is essential, but complex structure-activity relationships, hidden mechanisms of action and adverse outcome pathways make it tricky to see which experiments can be cut.

Want to gain a competitive advantage?

Transformative insights, revealed.

Meet Cerella, our deployable AI which speeds up your projects, guides your decisions, and pinpoints the best compounds for your objectives. If you want to:

Use early-stage data to predict late-stage outcomes, avoiding unnecessary and expensive measurements

Uncover hidden opportunities caused by missing, uncertain or inaccurate data

Create value from all your data, informing future strategies by harnessing existing data from parallel or previous projects

Identify the most valuable measurements which will maximise the return on investment of your experimental efforts

Target high-quality compounds with confidence, using robust uncertainty estimates

Then Cerella will deliver significant value, as proven in numerous industry collaborations and peer-reviewed publications.

Deployable, robust AI.

Cerella is powered by the Alchemite algorithm for deep learning, developed by our partner Intellegens. Its success and usefulness has been established in several peer-reviewed studies.

Cerella seamlessly integrates with discovery workflows via a REST API, making adoption easy. Through a direct link to your corporate data infrastructure, Cerella automatically updates models and insights as new data become available.

Additionally, Cerella can be accessed from within StarDrop, our comprehensive platform for compound design, optimisation and data analysis. StarDrop’s user-friendly interface and customisable workflows increase the speed, efficiency and productivity of your drug discovery process.

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