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Guide your Projects with Proven AI Drug Discovery
Cerella™ uses a unique deep learning approach to overcome limitations in drug discovery data, reducing costs and accelerating drug discovery cycles. Cerella highlights high-quality compounds with confidence, finding hidden opportunities caused by missing, uncertain or inaccurate data and prioritises the most valuable experiments.  

Game-changing technology that accelerates your project success rate 

Rigorously demonstrated, proven, and ceaselessly delivering successful results

Cerella™ is a proven artificial intelligence platform for drug discovery that increases the success rate and accelerates your small molecule discovery projects. By leveraging your in-house data across all your projects, Cerella helps guide project decisions to ensure you deliver more value from your research budgets. It seamlessly integrates with your team’s workflows to facilitate effortless rollout and adoption.

Cerella supports small molecule drug discovery from early hits to nominating a preclinical candidate. Its deep learning approach highlights high-quality compounds with confidence, finding hidden opportunities caused by missing, uncertain, or inaccurate data, and prioritises the most valuable experiments.


AI-Guided Drug Discovery

Reducing the time and cost of your discovery cycles

Cerella can:

Proactively highlight high-quality compounds by ‘filling in’ sparse data

Increase confidence in decision making, identify hidden opportunities, flag outliers and false negatives

Help you translate artificial intelligence insights into the planning of experiments to focus on the most valuable measurements

Enable you to gain more value from your compound data, accurately predicting complex endpoints, intractable with conventional QSAR modelling

Add value at any scale, from individual project datasets to global compound data repositories

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The AI revolution of proven technology has arrived

Your sparse data is no longer a lack of information

Cerella™ is a unique artificial intelligence platform which supports medicinal chemists and other discovery scientists, escalating the success rate and advances small molecule drug discovery from working with early hits to nominating preclinical candidates. Cerella’s AI platform is proven to overcome limitations in drug discovery data, confidently deliver results, seamlessly integrate with your med chem software platforms and help you and your colleagues increase the success rate of your projects.

Cerella leverages your in-house data, highlighting high-quality compounds, identifying hidden opportunities and generating insights into which experiments add the most information to progress your projects. Cerella’s unique AI platform escalates the success rate and advances small molecule drug discovery from working with early hits to nominating preclinical candidates. It overcomes limitations in drug discovery data to deliver industry-leading results, designed for enterprise deployment and integrating with experimentalist’s workflows.

Proven Technology

Cerella uses a unique, peer-reviewed deep learning method, with demonstrated successes in drug discovery.

Cerella™ is powered by Alchemite™, a deep learning method developed by Optibrium’s technology partner Intellegens Limited. In collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners, Optibrium has rigorously demonstrated Alchemite’s unique benefits over conventional modelling methods in peer-reviewed studies, resulting in reductions in cost and time of discovery cycles. Cerella™ has proven its benefits in several collaborations with pharma and biotech organisations, working with individual project-level datasets up to global compound data repository level investigations.

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AI without the hype

Proven AI that will extensively advance your drug discovery success

Cerella™ is a unique artificial intelligence platform that empowers drug discovery organisations, proven to reduce the time and cost of small molecule drug discovery.

Cerella combines leading deep learning capabilities with an architecture designed for enterprise-level deployment, seamlessly integrating with frontend applications via a REST API, increasing adoption and augmenting existing workflows. Through a direct link to your corporate data infrastructure, Cerella automatically updates models and insights as new data become available, delivering proven technology to your discovery organisation at scale.

Scalable & Secure

Cerella offers cloud-enabled deployment, scaling from individual projects to global pharma databases. Data in the cloud are anonymised and fully encrypted in transit and at rest, and a multi-level security model controls access.

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