Optibrium provides elegant software solutions for small molecule design, optimisation and data analysis, to guide decisions and improve efficiency in drug discovery.

about us


Founded in 2009, Optibrium is headquartered in Cambridge, UK with a US subsidiary, Optibrium Inc., based in Cambridge, MA. We continue to develop new products and research novel technologies to improve the efficiency and productivity of the drug discovery process. We also work closely with a broad range of customers and collaborators – including leading global pharma, biotech, agrochemical and flavouring companies, not-for-profit and academic groups.



StarDrop™, which brings confidence to the selection and design of high-quality candidate compounds. StarDrop creates an intuitive, highly visual and flexible environment to facilitate and speed up lead identification and optimisation, quickly targeting effective candidate compounds with a high probability of success downstream.

Augmented Chemistry® software and services from Optibrium bring ground-breaking artificial intelligence technologies that continuously learn from all available data to supplement your experience and skills. By proactively analysing all information, Augmented Chemistry® software highlights interesting patterns and valuable conclusions, enabling you to achieve your goals and make more effective decisions.

A free and easy-to-use Windows® and Mac® desktop application is specifically designed for scientists who want a simple way to load a set of molecule structures and easily browse through the data.

Proven AI software that reveals transformative insights from your data. Cerella™ uses a unique deep learning approach to overcome limitations in drug discovery data, reducing costs and accelerating drug discovery cycles.