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Advanced non-linear modelling

StarDrop’s Designer guides the re-design of your compounds and enables you to interactively explore the impact of structural changes on your compound’s predicted properties. The Glowing Molecule links the structure-activity relationships captured by advanced, non-linear modelling techniques with the structure of your compound, so that you can easily visualise the regions of your compound having the greatest impact on a property. This aids your interpretation of predictive models to guide the design of improved compounds.

The Glowing Molecule, highlighting regions of your structure with a positive or negative impact on a particular property

Understand your data

The Glowing Molecule is generated by:

Toxicity predictions in the Derek Nexus module. Areas that may present issues due to toxicity are highlighted in red.
Introducing StarDrop’s Glowing Molecule

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StarDrop’s Glowing Molecule brings model predictions to life, showing you which parts of a molecule are having the biggest impact on its predicted properties. If you’d like to try the Glowing Molecule as part of StarDrop, simply complete the form and the team will be happy to have a chat to understand your needs.

Why StarDrop?

With its comprehensive suite of integrated software, StarDrop delivers best-in-class in silico technologies within a highly visual and user-friendly interface. StarDrop enables a seamless flow from the latest data through predictive modelling to decision-making regarding the next round of synthesis and research, improving the speed, efficiency, and productivity of the discovery process.