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Ground-breaking artificial intelligence software and services

Augmented Chemistry® technologies complement your research teams to guide effective drug discovery strategies


Deploy the power of Augmented Chemistry’s AI

Augmented Chemistry software and services from Optibrium bring ground-breaking artificial intelligence technologies that continuously learn from all available data to supplement your experience and skills.

Augmented Chemistry software proactively highlights interesting patterns and valuable conclusions by analysing all information, enabling you to achieve your goals and make more effective decisions.

‘Fill in the gaps’ in your database with confident results highlighting new opportunities and high-quality compounds

Reduce synthetic and experimental costs by targetting the most valuable compounds and data to achieve your objectives

Run virtual screens and guide design to find new, high-quality compounds for your projects

Augmented Chemistry, Optibrium’s approach to AI in drug discovery, complements the skills and knowledge of expert scientists. Augmented Chemistry’s unique AI methods learn the complex relationships between compound structures and data at a scale that is impossible for even the largest team of scientists, providing actionable results that guide research strategy.

Peer Reviewed

Powered by Alchemite™, a deep learning method developed by Optibrium’s technology partner, Intellegens. In collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners, Optibrium has rigorously demonstrated Alchemite’s unique benefits over conventional modelling methods in peer-reviewed studies [1,2], resulting in reductions in cost and time of discovery cycles.


Extract more value from your compound data, confidently target high-quality compounds and accelerate discovery cycles.

Cerella™ offers cloud-enabled deployment, scaling from individual projects to full corporate compound repositories, implementing multi-level security, fully under your control. Data are fully encrypted and anonymised in the cloud.

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