European Peptide Symposium 2024
Florence, Italy
August 25 – 31, 2024

Himani Tandon will be presenting at the 37th European Peptide Symposium. The symposium will review all aspects of peptide science: from new synthetic methods to emerging technologies, including structural and conformational studies, with focus on material, biological, and therapeutic applications.

Join Himani for her poster presentation on ‘Application of Deep Learning Imputation to Peptide Bioactivity and Property Prediction’. The work presented in this poster was carried out in collaboration with Merck and showcases Optibrium’s Cerella platform.

EFMC-ISMC 28th International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry
Rome, Italy
September 01 – 05, 2024

We’ll be exhibiting at this years EFMC-ISMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry. The biennial EFMC-ISMC is a key symposium in the field of medicinal chemistry and drug discovery with participants from both industry and academia.

Join Patrick Nikolic and Catherine Hodges at Booth 49 to hear about more about how Optibrium’s range of software can help transform your discovery.

Meet the team

Himani Tandon

Senior Scientist


Patrik Nikolic

Business Development Manager


Patrik Nikolic business development manager

Catherine Hodges

Content Marketing Manager


Catherine Hodges, Content Marketing Manager

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