Wednesday 24 July

8am PDT | 11am EDT | 4pm BST | 5pm CEST

Successful drugs require a delicate balance of many properties, such as potencyADME and toxicity, to meet a project’s therapeutic objective. To make decisions about compound progression and assay selection, the available data must be assessed against project-specific criteria. However, the data on which we base our decisions often come from different sources and can vary in quality, so how can we use this information to make confident decisions? In addition, how can we be sure that the criteria we’re using are the most appropriate?

In this webinar, Optibrium’s Chief Scientific Officer Edmund Champness explores the art of multi-parameter optimisation (MPO). He’ll cover:

  • Key considerations for effective multi-parameter optimisation
  • Using historical data to help us choose the right criteria for our projects
  • The answers to your MPO questions in an interactive Q&A session
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Introducing our webinar speaker

Ed Champness

CSO, Optibrium

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