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Making Priors a Priority Publication


This article discusses a critical issue that the community needs to address address in order to use the predictive models that we build to the greatest effect.

To understand how useful predictive models are in a practical context, we need to understand ‘prior probability distributions’ (or ‘priors’ for short). This article discusses the importance of ‘priors’ in assessing models in different contexts, including selecting or eliminating compounds, prioritising compounds for further investigation, and combining models for different properties to select compounds with a balance of properties.

In all cases, understanding prior probabilities of adverse events makes it easier to make good decisions in drug discovery, so we can more efficiently find high quality compounds to progress.

Citation details

Matthew Segall and Andrew Chadwick, J. Comput.- Aided Mol. Des., 2010, 24, 957–960.

DOI 10.1007/s10822-010-9388-7

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