Boston, MA, USA
June 20, 2024

Join Tamsin Mansley, PhD and Cynthia Tingle, PhD at the AI in drug discovery event hosted by HubXchange.

Tamsin will be presenting the keynote presentation from 08.30 – 09.00, discussing ‘Implementing AI In Drug Discovery: A Practical Perspective’. Whilst research has boomed into new AI algorithms, there’s much to be done to harness AI to its fullest potential in drug discovery. In this talk, she’ll explore the main practical considerations which every leader needs to keep in mind to successfully implement AI in their organisation.

Later that day Tamsin will also be hosting a roundtable in the lead generation and optimisation stream. The topic will cover ‘The practical application of AI to drug discovery: what’s required for success’. We’d love for you to come and join the discussion featuring:

  • Powerful algorithm: what exactly is needed to bring new value from the complex and noisy data generated in drug discovery?
  • Proof of concept: how can we demonstrate the value-add that our AI brings?
  • Deployment: how can we maximise easy adoption within teams?
  • Organisational change: how can we adjust traditional ways of working to maximise the value of new technology and techniques?

Want to meet with us at the conference?

Get in touch to set us a meeting with the team – we’d love to talk about how our software could transform your discovery workflows.

Our team at AI in drug discovery

Tamsin Mansley, PhD

President, Optibrium Inc. and Global Head of Application Science


Tamsin Mansley, PhD

Cynthia Tingle, PhD

Head of Sales


Cynthia (Cindy) Tingle, PhD, Head of Sales Optibrium

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