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Preprint: Considering the Impact of ‘Drug-like’ Properties on the Chance of Success


There are many different definitions of ‘drug-like’, with rules proposed based on property trends seen in successful drugs. In the paper we review the strengths and weaknesses of these different definitions of ‘drug-like’ properties and measures of ‘drug-likeness.’ We propose an alternative metric the Relative Drug Likelihood (RDL) that identifies the properties with the greatest impact on a compound’s likelihood of success for a drug discovery objective.

Citation details

I. Yusof, M. D. Segall, Drug Discovery Today, 2013, 18(13-14), 659-666

DOI: 10.1016/j.drudis.2013.02.008

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Read the full published article via the journal webpage. Alternatively, hear further expert opinions in our webinar, where Mike Schultz of Novartis discusses the question, do we need to change the definition of drug-like properties?

Finally, to help you get a quantitative estimate of drug-likeness (based off the Bickerton et al. 2012 article), check out the StarDrop download, available to support your projects now.


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