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Augmented Chemistry

Augmented Chemistry

Oct 21, 2019

Whether you are working in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals or other chemistry-related R&D, Augmented Chemistry™ software and solutions provide unique machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to reduce cost and save time in discovering valuable new compounds and molecules.

Augmented Chemistry™ Software Applications

Augmented Chemistry™ provides, Cerella™, as cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SAAS) or as downloadable software for on-premises installation. By Cerella™ , Augmented Chemistry™ automatically processes your chemistry-related data, including compound and molecule structures and physical, biological and pharmaceutical properties.  Augmented Chemistry™ applies unique artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to process and analyse your data using deep learning to predict compound properties and high-quality compound structures and visualise the results.

Augmented Chemistry™ Artificial Intelligence and Research Services

Augmented Chemistry services offer expert data scientists who can help you to conduct your scientific research in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and other chemistry fields.  Augmented Chemistry™ can analyse your chemistry data using unique artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning software applications and methods to identify and optimise molecules for your research and development projects. In addition, Augmented Chemistry™ data processing services can analyse your data and associated information to ensure that it is ready for artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning applications.

Augmented Chemistry™ can help you to research new, advanced products in the field of artificial intelligence tailored to your needs. Augmented Chemistry™ business, scientific and technological consultation services can help you to work out how artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning methodologies can impact your chemistry, pharmaceutical and agrochemical research and development programmes;

And, of course, if you use Augmented Chemistry™ software, comprehensive technical support services are available.  Augmented Chemistry™ provides software installation and maintenance support to all users of our computer software applications.

Augmented Chemistry™ Website

To learn more about utilisation of Augmented Chemistry™ software technology and applications in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceutical and agrochemical research and development, visit our online community at