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A rational approach to risk reduction

A rational approach to risk reduction

Jun 25, 2010

Dr Andrew Chadwick, Consultant (Life Sciences and Healthcare) at Tessella gave this presentation on “Rational Approach to Risk Reduction: What can discovery screening planners learn from volcanos and dust detection?”, on Wednesday 6th June 2010, covering the following topics:

  • The purpose of screening and the principles of value-adding screening plans
  • The importance of finding the right, tailored screening plan for each project
  • Risk perception and the pitfalls of cognitive biases for decision-making
  • Metrics that should guide the choice, sequence, combinations and cut-offs for tests
  • Ways of balancing the important factors (downstream consequences of error, cost and time for screening, and predictive performance)
  • The need to overcome the challenge of uncertain inputs
  • What is the right balance between exploitation and exploration of product options and technology performance?
  • Effective approaches to supporting learning and continuous improvement

Andrew gave this presentation at the 11th Annual Drug Discovery Leaders Summit, June 9-10th, 2010, Montreux, Switzerland.

These are the slides that Andrew presented.

A copy of Andrew’s slides is available as a PDF file.