Open Training

Evaluating new compound ideas with Nova


Thursday 18 April

StarDrop’s Nova module offers four methods for the automated design of new compound ideas. In this hands-on workshop, we will explore two of them:

  1. Idea Generation using Chemistry Transformations: Nova changes your starting compound(s) using scaffold and framework transformations derived from SAR literature to suggest ideas for new compounds. We will show you how to focus these ideas in the area(s) of chemistry space most likely to be successful for your project goals and explore the hypotheses suggested by Nova.
  2. Matched Series Analysis goes beyond matched pairs to suggest new substitutions, providing the context and confidence in the suggestion so you can identify new strategies relevant for your project.

In May we will continue this series by looking at the Inspyra module which couples these generative methods with your chemistry expertise and suggest new ideas naturally as you work.

Please come along with any questions specific to your area of interest, our team will be more than happy to discuss them during the session.

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