Look at your compounds in a new way

A desktop application for viewing chemistry data

This free and easy-to-use Windows® and Mac® desktop application is specifically designed for scientists who want a simple way to load a set of molecule structures and easily browse through the data

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Ocura enables you to simply load, scroll through, sort and manage data in a new way, giving you the ability to view and manipulate chemical structures.

Table View offers an innovative way to look at data in a traditional table that you can easily configure to suit your requirements. This visual interface enables you to smoothly scroll through the data in an informative way, offering a highly visual system to flick through your chemical structures.

Look at your compounds 

In A New Way

Ocura table view scroll compound data in an informative way highly visual system for chemical structures

Within Ocura data can be organised, sorted and viewed according to your own preferences. Multiple data sheets can be opened at the same time, while properties can be hidden, enabling you to choose what you want to see. The ability to merge data sets together from different sources is a key requirement for scientists when exploring compound data; typically this is very difficult to do on the desktop. However, with Ocura merging data sets is simple and there is no practical limit to the amount of data.

Compounds can be loaded into Ocura from SDF, SMILES, MOL, MOL2 or CSV files, as well as data files created with Optibrium’s StarDrop platform. Interesting compounds can be selected from the data set and exported for more detailed investigation and entire data sets or summaries of individual molecules can be printed directly from Ocura. You can either print from Table View which provides a printout of the molecule properties or you can choose to export your data.

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