Relevant publications written by current and former members of the Optibrium team. Take a look at the community pages to see copies of the various publications and presentations we’ve published. At the end of this section we’ve also posted a few relevant publications by others.


Relevant publications by others


  • In silico prediction of aqueous solubility
    Dearden JC
    Expert Opin. Drug Discov. (2006) 1(1) pp. 31-52
  • Computational models for cytochrome P450: a predictive electronic model for aromatic oxidation and hydrogen atom abstraction
    Jones JP, Mysinger M, Korzekwa KR
    Drug Metab. Dispos. (2002) 30(1) pp. 7-12
  • Electronic models for cytochrome P450 oxidations
    Korzekwa KR, Grogan J, DeVito S, Jones JP
    Adv. Exp. Med. Biol. (1996) 387 pp. 361-9
  • Predicting the regioselectivity and stereoselectivity of cytochrome P450-mediated reactions: structural models for bioactivation reactions
    Jones JP, Shou M, Korzekwa KR
    Adv. Exp. Med. Biol. (1996) 387 pp. 355-60
  • Predicting the rates and regioselectivity of reactions mediated by the P450 superfamily
    Jones JP, Korzekwa KR
    Methods Enzymol. (1996) 272 pp. 326-35
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