Early Development Medicinal Chemistry: Utilising Data and Artificial Intelligence

Apr 6, 2022

Early Development Medicinal Chemistry: Utilizing Data and Artificial Intelligence


In this Pharmaceutical Technology article, Meg Rivers interviews Optibrium’s Chase Smith and Verseon’s Kevin Short to discuss what data to consider when selecting a high-potential drug candidate and how AI can be harnessed in medicinal chemistry drug discovery.

In early development of medicinal chemistry, there are a lot of considerations, such as determining promising agents and dosage form. Pharmaceutical Technology interviewed Chase Smith, PhD, senior application scientist at Optibrium (a software company for drug discovery), and Kevin Short, director of medicinal chemistry at Verseon International (a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company), who discuss key considerations for medicinal agents in early development, challenges and opportunities in medicinal chemistry, what data to consider when selecting a high-potential drug candidate, and how artificial intelligence (AI) can be harnessed in this process.


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