Computer Aided Drug Design GRC

When? 16 – 23 July 2023
Where? New Dover, VT, USA
Who’s attending from Optibrium? Tamsin Mansley, Optibrium inc President

Tamsin is delighted to be representing Optibrium at this Computer Aided Drug Design GRC. Find her to have a chat about all our latest research and how StarDrop™ can support you in your discovery workflows.

Key event themes:

As with numerous scientific disciplines, Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD) is facing great opportunities and challenges as a consequence of advances in computation and information technology. The 2023 Computer Aided Drug Design GRC will shed light on novel computational approaches tightly coupled to modern experimental techniques and applied to practical drug design endeavors.

While small molecule design is still the driving force of CADD, new modalities appear. This emphasizes the need for precise chemical models and algorithms resulting in highly efficient computational tools. The conference will present a balanced view on CADD as a research field, focusing on computational methods and their applications. Areas covered include, among others,

  • The modeling of biotherapeutics and large multi-protein complexes
  • The handling of extended, synthetically accessible chemical space
  • ADMET models beyond statistical learning
  • Novel experimental techniques such as cryoEM and serial crystallography
  • DNA-encoded libraries and automated organic synthesis and their consequences for CADD
  • The impact of advances in computational techniques like machine learning and data science

Find out more on the official conference webpage.

Computer Aided Drug Design GRC - image of protein, which someone is studying with computational tools, to try to find best new modalities.

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