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Design of Drug-like Hepsin Inhibitors against Prostate Cancer and Kidney Stones

Friday, 11 October 2019 10:53
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Vincent Blay

This article was published in ACTA Pharmaceutica Sinica B; V.9 No.5 September 2019; including results from StarDrop.

Vincent Blay, Mu-Chun Li, Sunita P. Ho, Mashall L. Stoller, Hsing-Pang Hsieh, Douglas R. Houston


Hepsin, a transmembrane serine protease abundant in renal endothelial cells, is a promising therapeutic target against several cancers, particularly prostate cancer. It is involved in the release and polymerization of uromodulin in the urine, which plays a role in kidney stone formation. In this work, we design new potential hepsin inhibitors for high activity, improved specificity towards hepsin, and promising ADMET properties. The ligands were developed in silico through a novel hierarchical pipeline...

You can link to ACTA Pharmaceutica Sinica B here

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