Cerella™ Release Notes


Version 1.1.8 release notes (March 2023)

New Features

Data upload and model building​:
• Added support for specifying priority endpoints in hyperparameter optimisation
• Enabled administrators to specify and store data upload and model building configuration
• Enabled imputation and virtual model hyperparameter optimisation processes to run concurrently



Data upload and model building​:
• Modified the wording for the data upload and model building steps in the administration interface
• Improved exception traceback logging in the data upload and model building pipeline
• Provided access to separate imputation and virtual hyperparameter optimisation logs
• Added timings for model training, validation and prediction in the administration interface
• Updated the presentation of data upload and model building logs and timings in the administration interface
• Excluded endpoints without any validation results from validation reports
• Added help text for model building and prediction options in the administration interface

Data source configuration:
• Added help text for the ‘Hidden’ checkbox in the data source configuration editor
• Added details of transformations to the units report for data source endpoints

Cerella API:
• Changed the location from which the predicted value rejection threshold is loaded to be the configuration server rather than the environment


Bug Fixes

Data upload and model building​:
• Fixed the behaviour of endpoints with an empty measurement group; each endpoint is now placed in a separate endpoint group
• If the data upload step fails, the pipeline now terminates, rather than running any subsequent model building steps
• Fixed model validation failures that occurred due to the virtual test values file persisting between model building runs
• Ensured that Cerella no longer treats an empty string as a category value in data upload
• A meaningful error message is returned instead of ‘internal server error’ when returning model statistics if the Cerella engine is unavailable

Data source configuration​:
• Fixed a problem with transformation editing for numeric data source endpoints
• Fixed an issue that meant the endpoint group could not be changed from ‘Mixed’ when multiple endpoints were selected

Cerella API​:
• Fixed a failure to return predicted Cerella values (with ‘internal server error’) if the request did not include measured values